5 Ways to Use AI Lead Generation in Your Business

Thanks to solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence, businesses no longer need expensive call centers to generate leads. Simple self-service products not only provide access to accurate data but also find, engage, and close prospects. These systems are transforming B2B and B2C around the world.

The benefits of AI lead generation are diverse. Such solutions are used by hundreds of thousands of organizations, including giants from Google to Uber. Artificial intelligence is uniquely suited to help drive retail and wholesale profits. Here are the five biggest benefits of integrating voice-based AI.


1.   Generation of Leads from Existing Assets

Chatbots and virtual assistants powered by AI will help your business generate leads through its website automatically. They are capable of having conversations with potential customers, collecting their contact details and qualifying them before passing their information to the sales team.

This means you do not need a human rep to engage a potential customer as AI ensures intelligent outreach. In recent years, this industry has gone a long way. It allows you to scale lead generation up without expanding your call centers.

2.   Intelligent Lead Scoring

Based on lead conversion data, AI-driven tools will learn and help you create smarter scoring methodologies. They will be more objective, as they will be based on math, rather than gut instinct. Such systems will facilitate and speed up generation of suitable leads — prospects most likely to be converted. What’s more, the signals identified by AI will help your human marketing team enhance its strategies.

3.   Finding New Leads

With advanced AI solutions, you will grow your pipeline. Intelligent systems can identify fresh opportunities using the characteristics of your existing audience. Your business will be able to gain better quality leads at a better price.

Thanks to machine learning, tech solutions can identify patterns in available data and use these insights to find similar leads at scale. Some tools are even capable of predicting which leads should be pursued first.

4.   No Accent

One of the problems with establishing offshore call centers is that local staff may have insufficient language skills. In comparison, AI provides unaccented lead generation. What’s more, you need not to worry about getting unqualified leads due to incompetence or the work-from-home mode.

5.   Unlimited Phone Call Throughput

Systems enhanced with Artificial Intelligence can work across time zones. They do not need vacations, nor do they suffer from burnout. What’s more, their performance is always consistent. Businesses do not need to keep a close eye on AI. This is another major advantage over call center operators.


Conclusive Words

With the emergence of chatbots and virtual assistants enhanced with AI and machine learning, businesses can reduce their spending on call centers and improve the quality of leads instantly. AI systems for sales are more sophisticated and convenient than ever. They solve multiple problems at once, helping sales departments hit their targets with less effort, time, and investment required.

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