5 Popular Career Choices In Education

Want to pursue a career in education? Explore the various options here and find the best fit for yourself.

When thinking about popular careers in education, teaching is the most obvious option that crosses your mind. However, the education sector has diversified beyond your imagination. Although teaching will always be the most rewarding career choice, you don’t have to settle for a career in teaching if you don’t feel it is your calling. Instead, you can explore numerous other options in education. Whether you are chasing a lucrative, student-oriented, leadership, or administrative career in education, your options are nearly endless. All you need to do is identify a career path that aligns with your personality, lifestyle, career prospects, and goals.

Thus, if you are clueless about where to begin, this article will help you out. Read through the following options that may help you map your road to achieving your career goals.

Teacher leader

If you have good communication skills, can generate creative ideas, and are tech-savvy, this career path is for you. Moreover, you can fill your pockets effortlessly in this lucrative career path. According to the BLS, teacher leaders will dominate the education job market in the next few years.

After completing your bachelor’s in education, become a Master of Science in Education in Curriculum & Instruction and take your career to the next level. Individuals in this job work behind the scenes to incorporate innovative teaching material and methods ideas. They work closely with teachers to make the classrooms more interactive and engaging. In a nutshell, instructional coordinators maintain the highest standard of education with emerging challenges in education.

School counselor

School counselors work as support systems for students. These professionals are instrumental in the growth and development of future leaders. Counselors help high school students explore all academic avenues and guide them in their career decisions. At the elementary and middle-school levels, counselors work with teachers to assist students’ social development and behavior modification. According to BLS, this career path is expected to grow by 11% in the next ten years.

Thus, if you want to help students come to grips with their social, academic, and emotional challenges, this might be the right choice for you. You can kick-start your career as a school counselor with a master’s in school counseling proceeded by earning a state-issued license. School counselors make a median annual salary of $58,120.

Special education teacher

Teaching students with special needs may be challenging at times. However, it is emotionally rewarding at the same time. Individuals in this career path work with students with various physical and learning abilities. Moreover, teamwork is essential in this field as you will be required to work with other teachers and paraprofessionals.

Considering the job outlook for special education teachers, you can find many positions in both traditional and customized learning setups. These teachers earn a median annual salary of $61,500, the second-highest among the other options. To step into this field, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s in education as the minimum requirement, followed by specialized higher education.

Education administrator

Education administration is a demanding career path today. It also offers monetary benefits like five figure high annual salary of $97,500. Another crucial factor to consider is the competition in the market. Because of the competitive landscape, only overperforming individuals or high-flyers can secure such positions. Moreover, the extra work and sometimes mandatory overtime are beyond the potential of an average person.

However, consider this job if you have the leadership skills required to run a school smoothly and meet the monetary and academic goals. The minimum educational requirement is a master’s degree in education. As an education administrator, you might get to work as a dean, principal, provost, vice president, etc.

K-12 Teacher

The foundation of the education sector rests in the hands of teachers. It’s one of the reasons why the teaching profession is always a popular pick. Also, teachers enjoy a decent salary of $62,800 annually, states the BLS. If you are someone who loves working with children of any age, landing a job as a teacher might be the best option for you. From history and geography to math and science, you have many options to choose from. You can start working as a teacher with a bachelor’s in any subject that aligns with your interests.

Teachers are responsible for grading assignments, evaluating the students’ progress meeting their parents, and coordinating with administrators. Moreover, teachers play a significant role in the students’ social, emotional, and academic development.


The field of education has diversified a lot. If you want to pursue a career in it, you have several options. Regardless of your interests, you can easily find an option that fits well with your ambitions. Whether you start as a teacher or a curriculum coordinator, you can expect a lot of growth opportunities along the way. If you want to hone your leadership skills, you can go for a career in education administration. If you are willing to make a difference in the students’ lives, consider becoming a teacher or leader. You can opt for a career in special education if you have an empathetic nature. Finally, consider becoming a counselor to help students climb their way to the top.

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