siddarth bhamre: Mind Over Money: Siddarth Bhamre highlights 5 things cycling teaches investors to keep mentally fit


“We have seen smart money moving to value stocks within the equity market lately. Underperforming sectors like refining, public sector banks, cement, and autos are among the preferred sectors lately,” says
Siddarth Bhamre, Research Head at Broking Ltd.

In an interview with ETMarkets, Bhamre who has over 18 years of experience, said: “We expect markets to remain volatile for the next few months and could end the year closer to an all-time high level on the Nifty50” Edited excerpts:

We have always talked about stocks, but this time I have a very interesting topic which is your personal favourite – cycling. For most of us cycling was our first love in childhood – and for you, it is your passion. How it all start for you?

As a child we all like cycling and we used to do it but then as a grown-up it isn’t easy to get into that sport or that hobby again. It was 2015 when I went to one cycling shop in Navi Mumbai.

I wanted to gift my son a new cycle. The firm which runs a cycling shop enrolled me to one group which does weekend cycling, and it is all started from there.

I used to go cycling with them in winter, in the rainy season and it took me by storm and that is how I got into cycling. I started taking parts in different events and that’s how it all started. I love the sport.

Any recent excursions you did or milestones you have achieved?

Well, there are many such events and rides which I have done in the past. But one of the most special for me has been ultra-endurance ride of 1200 km which I did couple of years back which was cycling from Nashik to Bhopal and then back to Nashik.

I had to complete the whole journey in 90 hours so that was one of the most beautiful ride most challenging ride. I went through from Nashik which is my native and I went through Indore and through Dewas.

How does cycling help you calm your mind especially when it comes to dealing with market volatility?

Cycling gives you sense of control:

You need to love what you do you know that is one thing. If you love trading, if you love your investments then you will be good at it.

The same principle goes with cycling as well. Cycling gives you a sense of control and it gives you a sense of freedom and why I am saying that in cycling you are the engine and when you know ride yourself on cycle you get a sense of freedom.

Control and freedom that is very important when it comes to trading or investments.

Cycling gives patience:

Cycling is all about patience and taking it slow you. You would go from point A to point B either on your motorbike or in your car, but you would not grasp as much.

Walking or say cycling will help you register more things in your mind. The idea is to take it slow, be patient. You will reach there and you will reach there in a best possible way that is what cycling has taught me.

Cycling teaches detachment:

The other important part is detachment. There used to be lot of pain in body doing all these miles (long distance) of cycling but your mind was so strong that you have to complete this — so your mind detaches from your body.

That is a meditation. Similarly, you know in investments and in trading people need to detach from their emotions.

One should be away from greed and fear. Cycling is a very apt way to attain that kind of detachment from your emotions which would surely help you in investment and trading as well.

Cycling helps you manage Time and Resources:

The last aspect which I want to talk about is how time management and resource management is also very important.

You cannot carry whole luggage with you when you are cycling. You have to travel light, and you have to travel in a way where resources are scarce.

Mostly, I traveled in the nighttime which helped me to use the resources rationally and optimally. Patience and discipline is very important.

Rome was not built in a day, and the same way is for your portfolios. The wealth will not be built in a day and cycling can teach you that very well.

Apart from cycling is there any other method you use to help calm your mind or rejuvenate? What is the frequency you go for regular cycling?

Not every day because our profile does not allow us. And evening time is not so very safe and conducive in city to cycle. I go for cycling on weekends and we try to make the most out of it.

Apart from cycling I think running is also a very good form of exercise and also it helps you to calm your mind along with swimming.

In life, everything is not about money. One needs to detach from the market when you are not in the market. Not everything is about which stock will go up or will this help market go up or down — so detachment is very much needed.

If you are not detached then you will get exhausted and in exhaustion your mind stops functioning.

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