Planning To Upgrade To VPS Hosting in UAE? Try Serverwala VPS Hosting


An Introduction to Serverwala

 Serverwala is a leading server hosting provider in UAE.

Serverwala has been there for a while now and it has become one of the most popular companies when it comes to hosting. They offer a good server hosting service that customers find reliable and flexible.

With Serverwala, you would get everything you can ask for. From a high network speed to enhanced reliability, you will find everything. But at what cost? Well, Serverwala is popular because of its cheap plans and packages that make sure that it provides you the best features at an affordable cost.

As we have said earlier, Serverwala has been providing their services for a really long time now. They have not only won the hearts of their customers but also won many awards as well. They have proved them over some time.

So when it comes to finding the best VPS hosting in UAE you should choose Serverwala over the other. We will discuss their features and performance in the upcoming article as well. Let’s find out why you need Serverwala.

Why Serverwala? 

Serverwala aims to provide their customers high performance, reliability, and flexibility. They have done a really good job to live up to their promises.

With Serverwala, customers would be assured that their website gets the best resources and works at its full potential. Serverwala has come a long way now and they understand the needs of their customers as well. That is why you will find various plans and packages that would help you to meet your requirements at an affordable price.

Serverwala provides high uptime that ensures a quick loading time for your website. They also make sure you get a secure environment for your website. Customers can easily customize the server and run it as per their preferences.

Serverwala offers different kinds of hosting services that include shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, reseller hosting, and so on. Apart from this they also offer other services such as Domain and SSL Certificates, etc.

Let’s check Serverwala’s UAE VPS features below

When it comes to VPS hosting, Serverwala offers some of the best features that would improve the performance of your website.

Some of the best features of Serverwala UAE VPS hosting in UAE are:

Free VPS Management

Serverwala offers fully managed VPS hosting in UAE services. Clients won’t have to worry about the technical aspects as the company would provide them with full technical support. Customers can leave the technical and management things to the team and focus on growing the business.

Cloud-Powered VPS

Since you would get cloud-powered VPS hosting, you will get the benefits of both a cloud server as well as a VPS. You will get a virtual environment along with the flexibility of resources. This would help you to tackle the high traffic for your website. The power of a dedicated server along with the flexible resources is something you all want.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Serverwala UAE VPS hosting servers are based on cloud infrastructure that comprises enterprise-grade hardware. That means you would get SSD technology, a powerful Intel Xeon Processor, 128 GB of RAM, and so on.

Full Controls

With Serverwala VPS hosting in UAE services, clusters would get full control over the server. They get full root access which will give you full power to access and modify the server. You would be able to easily install or uninstall any software or web application.

Instant Provisioning

One of the benefits of the Serverwala VPS hosting service is that you can set up your website and take it online within a few seconds. Some of the UAE VPS hosting takes a couple of hours to do so, but with Serverwala you are promised instant provisioning

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

To run the server, you will have to monitor a few things. Serverwala provides a fully managed and organized dashboard, where you can easily monitor the activities. You can reboot VPS, monitor network speed, check the server load and manage other things.

Choice of Operating System

Every server needs an operating system. Some operating systems are better than others. That is why Serverwala gives their customers the choice to choose their own operating system.

Choice of Control Panel

Customers would also get to choose the control panel for their server. The control panel, too, is a crucial factor so customers would want the control panel of their choice. This choice may not be given by other providers, at Serverwala, you will get everything you want.

Install the Applications of your Choice

Serverwala would give their clients full freedom to install the applications that they like the most. This is why customers are so happy with their services. They know that clients may need some specific web applications to run their website smoothly.

No Setup Fee

Serverwala won’t charge you extra when it comes to setting up. The clients would only pay for the plan they have chosen and do not have to pay any additional charges.

24/7 Customer Support 

Clients will get customer support whenever they need it. Serverwala’s support team would be always available for their customers and they can easily connect to them as well.  


UAE VPS Plans and Pricing

Serverwala offers various UAE VPS Plans and packages for their customers. They can easily choose the one that meets their needs and fits their budget.


Linux UAE VPS Hosting Plan


Windows UAE VPS Hosting Plan

The Verdict  

All we can say is that VPS hosting is crucial for your online business, especially when it’s growing. VPS hosting would be able to handle the growing traffic and data more effectively than other hosting services.

Serverwala has impressed their clients from all across the world and they are determined to do with you as well. All you need to do is find an ideal Serverwala UAE VPS plan for yourself. It’s safe to say that Serverwala is a leading VPS hosting solution for your website business right. You would get high performance, flexibility, reliability, and high security with Serverwala.

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