Check out Daily Astrological Prediction for Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Other Signs on Sunday


As per the astrological predictions, Taurus would take a break from work and enjoy a day with family, while love is coming in the way of Pisces. Those with Gemini sun sign may find that their head is in the clouds, however, they need to understand the reality as well. Libra and Cancer will indulge in some fun activities while Aries and Scorpio will be ruled by Mars. Those with Leo sun sign must not form an opinion about others without knowing them. For Virgo, prioritising will be an important key to balance all the hard work they have been doing. Scorpio might be in a dream world and the situation might be looked quite different from what it actually is. Know how will be your day today:


The day might confuse Aries

You may feel like things are happening too quickly. The day might confuse you but don’t be surprised if your head is in a whirl. However, try not to be so analytical and avoid chasing a lost cause. Fall back on the colour red as your Rashi will be ruled by Planet Mars. Letters A, L, E, and numbers 1,8 will bring luck today.


Taurus to spend day blissfully with family, friends

Taurus, you will be taking a day off from your work and get involved in household chores. You will spend your day blissfully with your family and friends. You will spend your day getting your interiors redone and will renovate your house. Also, focus on your goals. Sage green will be your lucky colour as it will bring peace. Venus is your Rashi lord while numbers 2,7 and alphabets Ba, Va, and U are lucky for you.


Gemini need to be a bit more optimistic

Gemini, don’t let your intense emotions don’t bog you down. You need to be a bit more optimistic and maintain a healthy relationship between yourself and reality. You may find that your head is in the clouds, however, you need to understand the reality as well. As your Rashi lord is Mercury, wear the colour yellow, while numbers 3,6, and letters Ka, Chha, Gha will be your strength.


Cancer will be in the party mode today

Cancer, you will be in the party mode today. Socialise with the people around you and take off on a wild adventure to quench your thirst for spontaneity and fun. You will also get to talk to a friend whom you haven’t seen for a while. Try to make the most of every moment of your life. Rashi lord Moon will make you feel more energetic and wear silver or blue colour. Number 4, and letters Da, Ha will be your lucky charm.


It’s time for Leo to relax and enjoy the day

Leo, you should go with the flow and have fun instead of searching for the hidden meaning of things. The more you relax, the more you will enjoy and make people around you comfortable. Be a friend if you want to make friends. Don’t form an opinion without knowing someone. Sun is the ruling planet for your sun sign, therefore the golden colour will guide you to strike a balance. Number 5 and alphabets Ma, Ta will favour.


Virgo must indulge in artistic activities

Virgo, the artist within you is tempted to come out and play today. Indulge in artistic activities that make you happiest. Prioritising will be an important key to balance all the hard work you’ve been doing. Express yourself creatively through a piece of art. The Rashi lord of Virgo is Mercury and the lucky colour is green while numbers 3,8 and letters Pa, Tha, Na will be favourable for you.


Libra may feel a burst of energy

You may feel a burst of energy encouraging you to engage in some fun and creative projects. You may join a group of musicians and rock the night away or go for some other activities or can spend a good part of the day up the clouds. There’s no need to resist this tendency and enjoy the day. Planet Venus is your Rashi lord, therefore white colour, numbers 2,7 and letters Ra, Ta, will favour you.


Scorpio must avoid taking an unrealistic approach to relationships

Problems that you have been facing in love and romance are likely to improve a bit over. However, you must avoid taking an unrealistic approach to current relationships. You might be in a dream world and the situation might be looked quite different from what it actually is. Be careful of this and face the reality. Rashi lord is Mars, so the colour red will fine-tune your day. Numbers 1,8 and alphabets Na, Ya will be lucky.


Sagittarius must try to make others comfortable

When it comes to love and romance, it might not be a bad idea to lighten up a bit now. Don’t take things way too seriously in this area of your life. Consequently, it will make it difficult for others to get close. Take a more fun-loving and easygoing approach to make others comfortable. Jupiter is your ruling planet, hence, wear Yellow. Note, numbers 9, 11, and letters Bha, Dha, Pha, Dha as your lucky numbers and lucky alphabets today.


Capricorn will be in a good mood and enjoy time with others

This would be a fun day for you as you will be in a good mood and enjoy time with others. Today, take a break from discipline or realistic thinking. Just have fun and relax. Do your best to keep your mood up and be productive. Cyan colour will make it a more energetic and positive day for you as Saturn will rule your Rashi. The lucky letters for Capricorn are Kha and Ja, while lucky numbers are 10, 11.


Cyan is the colour of the day for Aquarius

Need to take an adventurous approach when it comes to love and romance. Don’t get moody or worry when things don’t fall in place. Instead, change your attitude and be positive. Things will improve when you turn your approach. Colour cyan and numbers 10, 11 will be proved lucky for you too, however, alphabets Ga, Sa, Sha, and Sh will guide you.


Pisces people are likely to be more passionate than usual

Pisces, love is coming your way today. You’re likely to be more passionate than usual, however, you need to be careful so that your enthusiasm for your desire doesn’t go overboard. It’s possible that you have an unrealistic approach to the situation, however, be calm and analyse the situation. Jupiter is your Rashi lord and yellow colour is your lucky colour. Swear on numbers 9, 12 as your lucky numbers while lucky alphabets are Da, Cha, Jha, Tha.

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