A Peek Inside the Extravagant Homes Sold on ‘Selling Sunset’


Ah, Selling Sunset. The show I turn to when I feel like eating a pint of ice cream and sobbing laughing at my bank account. Is there anything better than watching Chrishell strut around $75 million homes in designer stilettos? Yes, you read that correctly: $75 MILLION.

TBQH I’m more interested in the homes than the fights. I say, come for the Housewives-esque drama (Christine is one season away from a Teresa-style table flip, I can feel it!!) and stay for a look inside some of Los Angeles’ most mind-blowing properties.

Need a taste right now?? Take a look at the most ridiculously expensive, comically over-the-top homes ever featured on Selling Sunset. Brb, Googling how much Versace wallpaper costs 🙃.


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The Outdoor Oasis in Hollywood Hills

Five beds, nine baths, 20,058 square feet. Guess how much it costs. Ugh, okay, I’ll tell you: $44 million. And here I am feeling guilty for dropping $5 on a venti instead of a grande at Starbucks. It’s fine, I’M FINE.

The 12-car (!!!) garage has a legit waterfall, bye.

Nothing like cozying up by a billboard-size poolside screen for movie night. In true bazillionaire style, the owner paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to have the neighbor’s roof covered in fake grass for a nicer view.

When you’re done hanging outside, hang inside…but still kinda outside. The 300-degree views mean that pretty much every room opens up to the fresh air. I have a window in my bedroom, so same \_(ツ)_/.

Imagine waking up and having basically a mini mall to shop for your #OOTD? Goals.

The Versace House in Los Angeles

With five beds, six baths, and 8,542 square feet, this $9 million house has everything…Versace. No, really. Versace dishes, Versace glasses, Versace wallpaper, Versace floors, a full-on orchestra playing Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor” as you walk in. Okay FINE, I made that last part up, but you get the idea!!

Stare long enough at this staircase, and you’ll be hypnotized into thinking you’ve died and come back as Donatella Versace. Fun!

I feel like I need Queen Julie Andrews to give me etiquette lessons just to look at this picture.

See that little “B” engraved on the couch? Nope, that doesn’t stand for “BHAHAHAHA THIS HOUSE IS INSANE.” It stands for Bentley, because ofc it does.

That cabana daybed is literally bigger than my actual bed.

French Montana’s Home in Calabasas

If only the perfectly-decorated walls of this house could talk. In 2016, French bought this six bed, seven bath, 8,619-square-foot slice of heaven from Selena Gomez. Years later, Selling Sunset helped him land a $5 million offer for it.

Ummm, hey, French Montana? Quick question for ya: WHY WOULD YOU SELL THIS PARADISE???

That awkward moment when you realize this recording studio is bigger and more expensive than most studio apartments. No, really, he spent $350,000 to build it and another $300,000 for the equipment. So that’s $650,000 for one room, but who’s counting?! *nervous laughter*

Ohhhhh, now I get why he released an album called Jungle Rules. Honestly, loving the boho vibes here.

This life-size elephant was a gift from Iggy Azalea, so you could say it’s…fancy. But you already know.

The Afterparty Hangout in Beverly Hills

Have you ever wanted to host a 500-person party? Me neither. But if you ever wanted to attend a 500-person party, you could do it here. The $18 million property—with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and 11,588 square feet of space—used to be one of the hottest Oscars afterparty venues in all of 90210.

Why yes, that is a “championship-size” tennis court in somebody’s backyard. Venus and Serena, call me, I found your dream home.

Not gonna lie, I’m kinda in love with those little star lights. You know, the ones that look like the boom emoji? See here: 💥

Have you ever seen a couch and thought, “That’s so elegant, I wouldn’t even know how to sit on it”? Now you have.

🎵 I’mmmmm gonna swinggggg from the chandelierrrrr. From the CHANDELIER! 🎵 Okay but really, but what shape would you say that thing is? A hexagon? An octagon?

The $75 Million Compound in Los Angeles

Sure, the outside looks more like an office building than a house—inside, though, is a different story. With nine bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, this house—ahem, compoundis 15,605 square feet of pure 😍.

Behold, the stairway to heaven the second floor. The glass railing, the marble, the Kim K “minimalistic monastery” vibes.

Is purple your favorite color? IT IS NOW.

I’m sorry, I refuse to believe this is someone’s house. This is clearly a resort. One that I’d like to book a stay at ASAP, plz and thank u.

Pretty sure at least half of the $75 million is just the cost of these pillows alone. And I’m not mad at it!

The Countryside Getaway in Los Angeles

This ivy house is as green as the $9.75 million you’ll have to spend to own it. For all you Selling Sunset superfans, you’ll recognize the four bed, five bath, 6,060-square-foot space as Mary Fitzgerald’s wedding venue.

Why does every millionaire have a giant piano they don’t play in one of their 500 living rooms? Is it a secret code or something? Somebody please explain!

This is the walk-in closet. It’s like if J.Lo designed the portal to Narnia.

That shower is big enough to be a room of its own. But seriously, throw a sleeping bag down and you just got yourself an extra bedroom.

May I present: The house within the house. The guest cottage is poolside, has a kitchenette, and probably costs more than your rent and mine combined.

The Bachelor Pad in Hollywood Hills

This three bed, three-and-a-half bath, 3,708-square-foot bachelor pad was designed by famous architect Harry Gesner. What’s it cost, you ask? Just $5.49 million, no big deal.

This open floor plan has opened my heart to open floor plans. The beams! The wood! The white flowers weirdly hidden inside the wall! It’s all so beautiful.

Aw, the master bedroom is like a cabin. But instead of lighting a fireplace you’re kept warm by all the celebrity hotness around you.

Damn, even the pool is edgy. Literally.

Selfie lighting doesn’t get better than this.

The ’50s Mansion in Los Angeles

This four bed, four bath, 4,011-square-foot house was built in the 1950s, but you’d never know it. After years of major upgrades and renovations, get ready to spend $8.5 million to call it home.

The zero-edge pool, custom wood deck, and fireplace bench (???) cost a cool $500,000. Peep the bedroom in the back too 👀.

This living room is sunken—kinda like my hopes and dreams of ever owning something like this when I saw its listing price. Sigh.

Are we surrreeee this isn’t a restaurant in downtown L.A.? This kitchen table could seat like 50 people.

I’ll leave you with this: Have you ever wanted to bathe in a tub more??

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